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Julie Sandlau's philosophy is to create a modern luxury collection of glamorous jewellery following distinctive trends in a refined form. Each piece expresses sophistication and elegance with a reflection of vintage beauty. The soul that characterizes each Julie Sandlau collection is a simple and elegant design expressed through timeless silhouettes. It graces feminine beauty and beholds the power of excellent craftsmanship with its masterful use of 925 sterling silver, 22 carat gold plating and gem stones.

Julie Sandlau draws inspiration from cross-cultural trends and elements of nature, all interpreted through her Scandinavian minimalistic lens. While studying for her law degree and working as a model, Julie spent time travelling in the Far East. During her travels she discovered a Chinese healing herb, one of nature's perfect designs. The leaf's delicate silhouette stayed close to her heart until 2002 when she chose to make it her personal signifier, symbolizing the Julie Sandlau tree of life.

Julie Sandlau teardrop gold and diamond earrings
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